Anna's Story

Hello dear future Queen,

My Name is Anna. I am married to my soul-mate. I am the Queen of my husband’s Heart. I live the Life that I want for myself and I am passionate about my work. My Life has not always been like that. Feeling like a Queen and being treated as one by men is far from how I grew up. Originally from a very different background and having lived all over the world. I have seen my fair share of situations where women would accept to be less than happy. But I was stubborn and I knew there had to be more … and I made it happen for myself.

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I am a Modern Queen – the Queen of my Life – the Queen of his Heart.

My own story: how I put on my Crown and became Queen of my Life AND How I attracted an amazing man who proposed to me after 5 month into dating is my biggest credential. Everything I teach today I have experienced and made happen for myself first.

“3 Keys to being Queen of His Heart”

I studied Physics and I had great friendships. I worked as a model and I travelled the world.  But I was convinced Romantic Happiness was not for me. I felt lost and sad when it came to Love. More accurately my believes about men and Relationships left me heartbroken. At some point I was fed up of being strong and independent and all self-sufficient. I had nobody to share my life with. I felt lonely. I wanted a romantic partner and a companion. Something that goes deeper than friendship. Romance & Best friends. One evening when I lived in Cambodia it hit the peak. It was then when I sat on the balcony of my flat. I was looking at the stars and asked myself:

What do you want Anna?

Where do you want your Love Life to go?

It was then when I understood what kind of relationship and partner I wanted. And always had wanted but I just thought it was out of reach. That night I decided to not leave it to be just a distant dream anymore. I decided to commit to making it happen. And I promised myself to overcome all the barriers I had built up that were keeping Love away. Shortly after I went to Singapore where I met my husband. We got engaged and married in less than a year. And keeping the promise I had made to myself I began to immerse myself deeply in this work: Becoming the Queen of my Life and Being the Queen of His Heart. In fact I have become so passionate about it -that inspired by my friends who witnessed the amazing changes and who keep coming to me for advice- I decided to become a coach.I love getting to know you personally, hearing your story and seeing the Love and the Life of your dreams happen for you too just as It did for myself.


Here is what my private clients say about our work together.

This young woman is an old soul. Anna your wisdom is impressive and worth every cent.

Juliette, Haifa Israel, 57 years old

What years of marriage counselling and couple therapy could not do, Anna did in 4 sessions. My marriage has been fixed and my husband said he has no idea why he ever considered leaving me.

Sandrine, Paris

Anna you are simply amazing. I felt so understood by you, you got me in the first session and made it so easy for me to make the necessary changes when I felt absolutely lost. You are so amazing thank you so much. My life has never been better more joyful and fulfilled. I was worried about my relationship and struggled with self esteem. Now feel like a Queen and my boyfriend proposed to me and everything has changed so much.

Marina, Russia

I felt lost in the dating world and had no idea how to ever find a good man. Or get a second date. But Anna turned everything around. Good men keep showing up and I feel like a Queen who can have her pick.

Amena U.K.