Should you add him on social media early on in dating?

This is such a relevant question that most of us single ladies are going to ask sooner or later. In this article, I want to help you find your own way of the Modern Queen to answer this question of when to add him on social media. 

Personally I can say since I met my husband online and I work and find my clients mostly online. I am happy and grateful for the possibilities and connections formed here. However, I am conscious as to how I use my time on screen and make a point to schedule time where I am offline and disconnect. 

1.) Reasons to NOT add him to your social media. 

I know there are a lot of rules and advice to not add men you date to your social media profile.  One of the main reasons is that having them in your inner circle can decrease the attraction and the chance that they will ask you out. You may find yourself in texting loops. Click here for my article: How to stop texting and get real dates. 3 Steps. 

Another reason is that, instead of getting to know each other personally, the initial attraction, interest and excitement gets diffused as you just look at each other’s pictures and how you display your Life on social media. As opposed to really investing time into an interaction that gets you to know each other. 

You may find these men follow you on social media but never ask you out.

2.) What I suggest: The Modern Queen Magic Key to unlock this situation for yourself. 

When making any decision, I want you to keep the purpose in mind. When dating like a Modern Queen, We are not into spending too much time with a man,  getting attached and committed or falling in love before he has claimed us and shown his serious intentions through consistent actions over time. 

My whole dating system is about uniting you with your soulmate in a real relationship that leads to marriage. 

The interactions should always lead to a real-life encounter and if you like each other, a continuation of that. So this means if you met on an online dating platform, you want to shift that encounter to a phone call and then to a short date in real life. If the date goes well, you feel good with him and he asks you out on another date, You keep dating him and see if you are a fit. 

What if you met him in person- should you add him on social media? 

If instead of online, someone in person is interested in getting to know you, I advise you to give him one way to get in touch and ask you on a date. Phone or email is best. From then on the approach is the same as above; you meet on a date and if it goes well meet again. 

It is important that you do not keep him online on several channels like Instagram, Facebook, etc. where he can see your pictures but the two of you do not spend time together in real life and get to know each other.  If a situation doesn’t develop into a real-life interaction, I advise you to stop investing time in it.

To you being straight forward and valuing your time, like a true Modern Queen. 


Anna Eden 

Update: if you are currently in a region where you are instructed to stay at home to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. You can get in touch with me and I can help and advise you how to still get to know men and see whether they are a match for you or not.

Love is going to strive in times like these, not put on hold. 

Because times like these remind us of what really matters: love and connection and times like these allow you to slow down and focus on what really matters, hint online dating and finding your soulmate king. 



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