What to do when he is making you jealous. 4 Steps

This article is for you…
… if you are with a man who keeps pushing the limits of your committed relationship.
… if you feel jealous and you want to know what a Modern Queen does.

A romantic relationship where you are constantly doubting whether he is committed to you or not feels very stressful. Constant stress and worry about him takes away from you being able to focus on other areas of your life and shine in them as you should. It drains you, whereas romantic love should be the opposite. Your happy place, where you are loved and feel good. The one place where you share true connection and feel safe and treasured. This is the kind of relationship I help women create through Modern Queen Coaching and the relationship I have with my husband. Soulmate love, it’s what I believe in.
If there are jealousy and insecurities in the equation, the ground rule 😉 is always to first find out. If this is you making this up and hurting yourself by painting these pictures in your imagination. If yes, then my other article is written just for you. It is my reply to my friend and private client Abigayil, who asked me what to do as she kept feeling jealous even though her husband is committed to her.

If this is NOT the case, and there are clear signs of the limits being pushed. Then here is the path the Modern Queen takes.

1.) Face it.
When you have clear signs that push the limits of your committed relationship, I do not advise you to close an eye to it. I know it does not feel good to face it. But this discomfort will be temporary. As opposed to continuing a relationship where you are less than happy, feel hurt and not sure if you can trust him and he is committed to you. I want you to know that there is more for you. More is possible, and a better kind of love is available if you are only willing to claim it.

Modern Queen Mindset:

I can have committed love that feels calm.

I am worthy of a good man’s full and exclusive commitment.

With that in place:

2.) Speak up.
Tell him with Modern Queen Scripts. Which are about expressing your truth without accusing or blaming him.

‘It does not feel good for me when the man I am with gets this close with another woman.’

3.) Stick with it.
Do not pull back and let him change your mind about it. Mostly you will hear that you are insecure and overreacting. But as a Modern Queen, you know that you are enough and worthy of a man’s full and exclusive commitment. So you can stand your ground calmly and firmly. It may take some time but, when you are convinced of this yourself, he will understand that you mean it.

4.) Modern Queen Basic
Focus and keep the focus on the relationship you want and see who can give you this relationship. Do not settle for a relationship with a man who is not ready or willing or able to commit to you. Make your life about your goals and dreams and do everything you can to make them a reality.

This is to you feeling and living your worth so you can call in the commitment you want.

Anna Eden


  1. Jane Whiting on April 24, 2020 at 3:13 am

    Great article with great advice Anna! Love this!

    • Anna on May 18, 2020 at 5:16 pm

      Thank you Jane ❤️

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