Why you need to take charge of your online dating experience.

This article is for you …

…if you would like your coach to just take over your whole online dating for you and just be presented with men and nice dates.

…if you feel a strong aversion to online dating or have given up on it completely.

I met my husband through online dating and am very passionate about using this tool to allow your soulmate to find you. Because of that, I was recently asked by one of my clients to just take over her whole online dating and here is why I didn’t. 

“Anna, I know that you are good at this and that you do not feel the same way about it as I do. Can you just do it for me and I pay you extra as much as you like?” 

Of course, she was half-joking and we were both giggling; this is the kind of connection and level of comfort we have established in the private sessions. And I really saw where she was coming from. But being the coach I am, as much as I am committed to transformation and empowering you, and not needing me anymore after we worked together, I had to say no.

Agreeing to this would not be in line with what I stand for. No matter how much you would pay me, this would not pay off. Neither for you nor for me. You will not address and change the very reason as to why you don’t manage your profile yourself. And it will not get you sustainable results. Just a short term comfort for you and some quick extra money for me. Not my style. I am holding our coaching to higher standards. 

The reason my client did not want to handle her profile herself, was because of her ideas about men.

If you believe there are no nice men out there and also on the apps, then that problem will come back later, on the date. Having your coach do your profile will not address the real reason you feel you can’t do it yourself. Which is your mindset about men and what men are like? 

So even if I had taken over her profile and had arranged for dates. It would not be authentic for one and once on the date, all my client’s undealt limiting believes would come up again. And no matter how nice and decent the men could ever be that I got her. She would not be fully able to recognise that or trust him. Sooner or later her ideas about dating and men would surface again and sabotage her relationship. 

On top of that, my client also did not know how to create a good profile that gets the right kind of attention. She was not sure how to reply to messages and how to shift the conversation to a real-life date. In general, she felt exhausted and tired and overwhelmed and did not want another thing on her plate to take care of. So her energy and motivation were close to zero. Not quite zero, because at least she did take on coaching. 🙂 And that showed me that she wanted to change her situation and just needed to learn how. If you feel the same, I promise as long you are willing and open to learning this can be changed. And here is how. These are the exact steps to take: 

Turning exhaustion into excitement.

Mindset about men and dating. 

Creating a profile that gets the ‘right’ kind of attention. 

Message like a Modern Queen.

Modern Queen scripts that get you dates. 

It is absolutely possible to study this as you study anything and then apply the things you learned and use them in your best interest. The easiest way I like to explain this is always with the analogy of driving a car. It is my favourite metaphor and you will hear me go on about this over and over again. 🙂

The online dating websites are the car; an engine you can use to drive towards your goal. If you do not have a driver’s license yet or have not learned how to drive, you can keep blaming the car OR take driving lessons to learn how to drive. 

And that is why I have created a whole self-study program to make this possible for you. You can take it and learn, just as you would learn to drive. 



Anna Eden 


To you becoming and Online Dating Queen!

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